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Distinctive. Profiled. pewag.

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Austrian premium chain manufacturer pewag has plenty of in-novations up its sleeve for the next winter season - and a veri-table sensation to boot! Our snow and traction chain portfolio was optimised for even greater customer benefit. In future, we will also increasingly shift our focus on automotive springs of the APEX brand as well as present the world‘s first snow chain for that most prestigious of sports - racing!

pewag starwave® for more profile and traction

Compared to traditional chain links, the innovative wave profile of pewag starwave® increases the hardened surface by 7%, while the dimensions of the chain links remain unchanged. This means that the resistance of the chain is increased and the lifespan of the product is prolonged. Thanks to this innovation made by pewag, customers can achieve significant cost reductions.

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Abb. 1: Fig. 1: Traditional chain link             Fig. 2: pewag starwave® chain link®

The innovative wave profile on the chain link also improves traction, as the additional edges are dig-ging into the ground. „For customers, this will significantly increase safety as well as cost effective-ness during operation“, says Maria Köck, Managing Director at pewag Schneeketten GmbH.

Perfect traction for Red Bull, thanks to pewag snow chains

A Formula 1 car on a skiing slope isn‘t something you see every day – but it is exactly what 3,500 spectators came to see at the spectacular Red Bull Showrun in Kitzbühel, where an RB7, equipped with snow chains from Austrian premium chain manufacturer pewag, was ploughing its way down the mountain.

True to the motto „power needs traction“, Red Bull driver Max Verstappen really stepped on the gas on the snow-covered ground and made his way down safely and powerfully - all thanks to pewag snow chains, which were manufactured specifically for the unique conditions of this event and the unusual tyre dimensions.

pewag once more proved its worth as a reliable partner in this one-of-a-kind event by providing „pre-mium quality at short notice, with snow chains that lived up to the demands of this extreme situation. After all, the forces that are at work here due to the high engine power are hardly comparable to standard test situations“, says Johann Berghold, Development Engineer with pewag. „Once more, pewag was able to demonstrate impressively that we come up with the optimal solution for any chal-lenge“, adds Maria Köck.

High engine power on slippery roads can create extremely dangerous situations during the winter months. Given the trend towards increasingly sporty vehicles with minimal clearance in the tyre cases, it is especially important that pewag snow and traction chains ensure the highest possible level of traction at all times, making driving in winter a fun and safe experience. One example is the pewag servo sport, which was developed specifically for vehicles with tight tyre cases.

An explanation for everything - the „talking chain“ made by pewag

The brand-new pewag servomatik is the first self-explanatory chain presented by pewag.

This chain was developed from scratch and is a self-tensioning bracket chain for passenger cars with an auto-matic ratchet. The intelligent ratchet design enables simple stationary mounting and re-tensions the chain automatically, eliminating the need to stop and get out of the vehicle for retensioning the chain after mounting.

The clear labelling of all components that are relevant for the mounting process makes the chain even easier to mount and dismount. This means that the pewag servomatik is the first „talking chain“ made by the long-established Austrian chain manufacturer. The pewag servomatik is designed for quick and comfortable mounting with rear-wheel drive, but may also be used for front-wheel drive vehicles.

Thanks to its special clips, this youngest addition to the pewag product family is also particularly gentle on the wheel rims and boasts the pewag starwave® profile, thus offering additional resistance and a longer lifespan compared to standard traction chains.

APEX springs broaden the pewag portfolio

Speed, flexibility and a solution-orientated approach have always been the prime virtues of motor sports. Dutch manufacturer APEX has repeatedly proven itself in all three with its portfolio of automo-tive springs, designed to withstand the toughest demands when it comes to usage and material. In-creasingly, their replacement and lowering springs are also becoming popular beyond the world of motor sports, in particular with those wishing to add an individual touch to their vehicle and to cus-tomise their driving experience.

The APEX brand comprises 1,300 items that are now also being launched on the European passenger car parts market. „We offer this market tested and certified premium quality in compliance with ISO 9.001 and ISO 14.001 at excellent value for money. This is still something of an insider‘s tip, but pew-ag is not just a manufacturer of snow and traction chains, but also a supplier of a range of springs that have stood the test of time in the industry“, emphasises Managing Director Maria Köck.

The warehouse and distribution centres in the headquarters in Hillegom (NL) and Unna (D) provide a flexible, solution-focused logistics concept to ensure a reliable supply chain for the European car parts market.

For details on the APEX brand, visit

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